Student Accommodation Furniture

As we approach the end of semester, it’s time to start thinking about how to improve the interior design of your student accommodation. With new students arriving, you want to present your property with the same kind of pride that you would expect from your students. The student accommodation furnishings need to be durable yet high in quality, comfortable yet modern. It needs to suit the location in both material, look and feel. To achieve this, you need a company who can provide more than just the supply of student accommodation furniture. You will need help from professionals with expertise you can rely on. It would be an added bonus if they were also able to manufacture and service the accommodation.

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A One-Stop Shop for Student Accommodation

When you are looking for high quality custom student accommodation furniture, you cannot go past one of the world’s leading furnishing suppliers, consultants and manufacturers – Resort Furniture. We can assist you throughout every phase of the project within budget, from prototype to final delivery and installation. Our 30 years of industry experience shows in our ability to provide high standard interior design solutions to suit your purpose. We have worked with numerous reputable clientele and we pride ourselves on our well-earned reputation. Our expertise is in customisation and flexibility with our skilled interior designers specialising in student accommodation. We thrive on providing full service with products to suit all aspects of your project along with custom manufacturing and ongoing servicing.

We Know What Students Need

To keep a detailed project like this streamlined, you will appreciate the numerous benefits of having a dedicated project manager who oversee every aspects of your interior design. We highly value our clientele, all of whom appreciate our unmatched and on-trend student accommodation. After three decades, we know what it takes to provide a comfortable and versatile environment for students.

Functional and Funky Packages to Suit

There are many aspects to consider when designing the most efficient student accommodation because it requires decor that both facilitates study, with a relaxing leisure area to enjoy. Your accommodation should reflect that work hard, play hard concept whilst retaining high quality, functional furnishings.Through consultation with our interior designers, our packages can achieve colours that pop, décor that suggests fun and high quality floor coverings that are easy to maintain. We can even provide artwork that is motivational, makes a statement, and has appropriate lighting for those long nights hitting the books.

Visualise the End Result

With so many facets to deal with, you may find it difficult to visualise the end result of your student accommodation. For this very reason, we provide 3D rendering services, detailed diagrams and in-depth drawings so we leave the guess work out. Our preliminary budget analysis is thorough, and our attention to every aspect of project management and procurement ensures a seamless operation.

In depth preliminary analysis of the budget and proposed budget

Detail drawing and diagrams of the furniture

Professional project management

Manufacturing of all our commercial furniture designs

Transportation of all furnishing goods and equipment to project

Storage and warehousing with full installation