Resort Furniture

The pressures of owning and operating a resort means dealing with a multitude of tasks and decisions on a daily basis. One of the most important aspects of any resort is their choice in furnishings, so when it comes to updating interior designed furniture and décor, it needs to reflect your client’s demographic as well as the resort’s surroundings. Resort furnishings need to be functional and durable, yet remain modern. You want the decor to be unique and a conversation starter. When choosing to redesign, the project needs to run smoothly, and this is only possible with a company that specialises in elegant resort furniture and who also offer resort interior design consultation. Imagine if there was a company that provided all of this in addition to being the manufacturer and offering full servicing!

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Resort Furnishings with Class

Resort Furniture pride themselves on being one of the world’s top suppliers and manufacturers of high quality resort furnishings. With industry experience spanning over 30 years, we deliver strategic solutions of the utmost standard because we value our loyal clientele and the industry reputation that we have worked so hard to maintain. Having worked with some of the most well-known and reputable resort brands, we offer customisable and flexible furnishing options to specifically suit your resort. From prototypes to delivery, our experienced staff will advise you through the entire process including complete installation and all within budget. Our services don’t stop there. We also manufacture, and offer full servicing of your resort before and after your guests arrive.

Customising your Resort Interior

With a project involving resort interior design of this calibre, you need this to be a seamless operation. With a dedicated project manager assigned to oversee your project, you will have great comfort as you are informed on a regular basis as to the progress we make. We take great pride in our work as we are unmatched when it comes to client service, interior design consultation, workmanship and our resort furnishing solutions.

Pick and Choose Packages to Suit

When you envisage the end result of your resort’s interior design, it is important that you consider how to make a real statement. The goal is to make the resort interior design suit your resort and attract your clientele. Our great range of packages achieve the ultimate look and feel for your resort. Choose from our resort furnishing packages such as artwork and décor, lighting, cleaning and servicing, dining settings, floor coverings, bed linen, electrical appliances, upholstering and window dressings.

Project Management Services

Resort Furniture is unmatched when it comes to client management and services whether it be product supply, servicing or manufacturing. Along with specialised resort interior solutions, you will be advised on options for future design potential. We believe in ensuring you have every opportunity to envisage the end result and offer in-depth diagrams, detailed drawings and 3D rendering services. For a seamless project to run, we rely on our strategic preliminary budget analysis, specialised procurement and overall project management. Part of the packages includes transportation to your resort of all furnishings and equipment in addition to total installation.

In depth preliminary analysis of the budget and proposed budget

Detail drawing and diagrams of the furniture

Professional project management

Manufacturing of all our commercial furniture designs

Transportation of all furnishing goods and equipment to project

Storage and warehousing with full installation