Hotel Furniture

Where Functionality Meets Design

When upgrading your hotel interior or developing a brand new fitout, many elements need to be considered. You need the furnishing to be suited to your clients taste with a functionality that is still aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The furniture must be durable and able to withstand a high level of use. Regardless of your budget, you need a company who provides high quality furnishings as well as project management, hotel interior design advice, manufacture, and a company who also provides servicing.

    • Over 30 years experience

    • 100% satisfaction guarantee

    • 3D Rendering

    • Budget Management

    • Commercial Warranties

    • Worldwide Service

Not Just Hotel Furniture

We understand the importance of hotel furnishing, and pride ourselves on high quality from design to installation. We have been serving the high-end hotel industry for over 30 years. Our extensive in-house quality control works closely with you to achieve your ideal vision, and have for numerous clients in the past.

Keeping it the Process Seamless

We support your hotel furniture from initial concept and design through to installation. Our seamless process is to work with you to develop your tailored custom hotel furniture solution. Hotel interior designs can be highly complex with numerous aspects to consider, so it is vital to work with industry experts and a knowledgeable team who ensure their project management. We ensure you are in total control from the thought of a design, to the completion and follow up of the project.

In depth preliminary analysis of the budget and proposed budget

Detail drawing and diagrams of the furniture

Professional project management

Manufacturing of all our commercial furniture designs

Transportation of all furnishing goods and equipment to project

Storage and warehousing with full installation