Hospitality Furniture

When you stay at any type of accommodation, one thing you remember is the hospitality furnishings and interior design. It is all about style, class, cleanliness and comfort. People are drawn to designs that are modern, chic and have warmth. As an owner, you need to know what people want when it comes to establishing or redesigning your accommodation. Hospitality furniture should be functional, flooring low maintenance and enchant you with a classic feel. Décor should be unique and a conversation starter. With so much to blend together, you need a company that specialises in hospitality interior design and who understand what your clientele find appealing. You need a company who can supply, manufacture, design and provide ongoing servicing.

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Specialists in Hospitality Furnishing

With over 30 year’s industry experience, Resort Furniture have a well earned respect and reputation for being a leading supplier and manufacturer of high quality hospitality furnishings. We take pride in our customisation, our loyal clientele and our our ability to show flexibility because ultimately, it is all about you and your business. Having worked with numerous well known and reputable brands, we are confident in achieving the look and feel ideal for your clients – and all within budget! We offer complete project management, walking you through prototypes, creation, delivery and installation making it a stress-free endeavor for all of our clients.

Seamless Project Management

We understand that first class hospitality demands excellence and the complexity of an interior design project can be exceedingly stressful. This is why we have developed a dedicated and well organized team to ensure that your project be as seamless as possible. Our project manager is highly skilled in hospitality interior design and furnishings. They know how to keep the project on track and stay within budget. We also provide you with a single point of contact, which is extremely beneficial. Our client service and expert consultation is unmatched as is our attention to detail and unique design solutions.

Achieving that Look and Quality

Achieve a style which not only keeps your guests talking, but most importantly returning. Resort Furniture makes this happen by providing packages which are on-trend and suited to your guests, all while being fitted to your type of accommodation and location. With your input, we can consider relevant shapes, colours that pop, artwork that makes a statement and décor that defines you. We consider finishing touches such as bed linen colour and style, a manageable stylish flooring and sufficient lighting that is suited to your available space.

Services Outside the Box

To really make that statement with hospitality furniture, it may require having custom designs made to suit your accommodation. Our talented and skilled interior designers can advise you on solutions for your current design as well as provide options for any potential future designs. If you are having trouble visualising that end result, then try our 3D rendering services, detailed drawings or in-depth diagrams. We also optimise our preliminary budget analysis and procurement processes to ensure no detail is overlooked.

In depth preliminary analysis of the budget and proposed budget

Detail drawing and diagrams of the furniture

Professional project management

Manufacturing of all our commercial furniture designs

Transportation of all furnishing goods and equipment to project

Storage and warehousing with full installation